2015 Seniors!


Senior picture season has arrived!!!
I will be booking through May.
Here are the details:
45 minute session
20 to 30 hi-resoulation images with rights to print
+ $50 for an extra person (but you can split it between the two of you!)
availability below photograph. 
Groups up to 4 are so welcome (:
email: siobhanlorrainephotography@hotmail.com



April 8: 5:00 pm

April 25: 5:00 BOOKED, 6:00 pm BOOKED

April 26: 5:00 BOOKED , 6:00 pm BOOKED

April 27: 5:00pm, 6;00 pm

May 3: 5:00pm, 6:00pm

If none of these times or days works for you PLEASE let me know! We can definitely work something out.