Senior Sessions 2018 //

Senior Portraits 2018. 

This will be my 5th year of doing senior portraits at UNC and oh my goodness how wonderful they've all been. 

Going to college is such a gift that has allowed me to grow in so many ways and shape where I am today.  That's why this year I am donating a portion of all senior shoots to the Dean E. Smith Opening Doors fund, which helps students from lower income families pay for college as well as graduate students who are pursuing careers in education and social work, you can click on the link below to donate or learn more

Open Door Fund

Things I love in Senior Shoots –

  • You being you! I just want to celebrate your college self.
  • Hanging out with all your college friends who really have become your family.
  • Going to your most meaningful spots on campus, wherever that may be.

If you have something you want to incorporate because it meant a lot to you during your college experience LET'S DO IT. 


2018 Senior Portrait Sessions:

- 45 minute session

- Three of your favorite spots around campus (and/or the town)

- 35 - 45 high resolution images on an online gallery delivered to you for personal use

-$200 for a session 

-But please add friends! ($50 for each extra person, no more than 4 people per group please)

- You can totally split the cost

-For larger sessions inquires please email

- For inquires for other other colleges please email me here. 


Please fill out the form below to schedule a date: 


Dates Available:

April 17th - 4pm, 5pm, 7pm

April 19th- 5pm

April 24th - 5pm, 6pm

April 25th- 5pm, 6pm