Senior Sessions 2020 //

Senior Portraits 2020. 

This will be my 8th year of doing senior portraits at UNC and oh my goodness how wonderful they’ve all been. 

Things I love in Senior Shoots –

  • You being you! I just want to celebrate your college self. How fun will it be to look back on these pictures and remember all the goods things. 
  • Hanging out with all your college friends who really have become your family.
  • Going to your most meaningful spots on campus, wherever that may be.
  • and of course, CHAMPAGNE. 

If you have something you want to incorporate because it meant a lot to you during your college experience LET’S DO IT. 

2020 Senior Portrait Sessions:

– 45 minute session

– Three of your favorite spots around campus (and/or the town)

– 35 – 45 high resolution images on an online gallery delivered to you for personal use

-$200 for a session 

But please add friends! ($60 for each extra person, no more than 4 people per group please)

– You can totally split the cost (Cash or check from the whole group together)

Please click here to check date and time availabilities and to schedule a session 

– For larger sessions inquires please email (I love big friend groups) 

For inquires for other other colleges please email me here.