St. Lucia // Adventure Awaits

So let’s just start by saying that St. Lucia is an amazingly gorgeous country that I got to explore with the amazing Carolyn of Carolyn Marie Photography . It all started off as kind of a joke when she told me that she got to photograph a wedding in St. Lucia I laughingly told her that I would come and second for her, but then SHE SAID YES. Cut to July of last year when we actually got to go and explore this beautiful country and I got to accompany her on not one, but TWO gorgeous adventure shoots with two of the sweetest humans who took a chance and said yes to me coming along on their adventure.

Jocelyn and Zach are freakin cool. There’s really no other word to describe people who decide to hike in sparkly dresses and suits to multiple rocks in the middle of the ocean. They have that old school kinda love that comes from being together for most of their lives, which made it so much fun to shoot because they were down to do anything. Happy 7 months of marriage happiness to you both!

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The next day on Pigeon Island

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