St. Lucia Wedding //

So I was lucky enough to photograph a St. Lucia Wedding at a beautiful bed and breakfast called the Le Haut Resort with the always wonderful Carolyn. And guys. IT WAS SO GORGEOUS, you don’t even know. I am such a sucker for a tropical island that when Carolyn texted me about it I immediately said yes, jumped around for a while, googled pictures from St. Lucia, realized I would be basically going to Jurassic Park, and then got even more excited.

Zach and Jocelyn are two of the sweetest people who made us feel at home, even though we were totally on a tropical island. They’ve been together for forever so it was so wonderful to be able to witness them finally becoming husband and wife. Zach and Jocelyn have that old-school kinda love. The kind where you know every single little thing about the person and love them even more. They also have the kindest hearts and made sure we were okay and taken care of every second of the way. One of my favorite parts was being able to hang out with Jocelyn in the pool on the morning of her wedding day. We all just talked about life, and love, and how excited she was that her day was finally here!

Jocelyn also totally had a vision for her day. She wanted it to be laid-back, family oriented, and so very beautiful. She research and researched and found all the spots she wants to take us (including a rock in the middle of the ocean that required multiple boats to get to) and it was freakin awesome.

Honestly, what I love about destination weddings is the unique situation where you get to know a group of people so well that they start to really relax and think of you like a member of their family. Yes, this definitely happens on any wedding day, but being able to hang out with people for multiple days in a new space and experience new things, makes documenting the day that much sweeter. I am so excited for more days like this.

St. Lucia Wedding, Le Haut

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